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Our Locker Design

Our  lockers are manufactured in our UK factory and supplied to customers where they are installed by our own fitters. Our products have shown to be resistant to thefts and are robust enough to cope with high volume use, whilst maintaining a good quality finish. We use only the best materials and the lockers are water resistant, such that  they can be installed near a swimming pool or shower area and can be washed clean without damaging the product.

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Locker Specification


Standard locker – Height 1810mm high x 300mm wide x 500mm deep

Shallow locker – height 1810mm high x 300mm wide x 300mm deep

This type of locker should be used in corridors to conform to fire regulations.

Plinth – (optional) 120mm high

Door and end covers

All doors, end covers and plinths are made of 10mm thick solid grade laminate which is very hard wearing and is typically ten times more expensive than wood faced MDF used in other lockers. The doors are fitted with springs so that they self close, both as a safety feature and to ensure the lockers look tidy.

Locker frame and carcass

The locker frame is made of extruded aluminium giving a solid structure that gives maximum strength against attempted thefts. The locker carcass is made of 1.4mm thick aluminium sheet that is wear resistant, washable and sealed at the edges to stop spilt drinks draining into the locker below.

Replacement Parts

We can supply replacement £1 coin locks, Ojmar OTS electronic locks, wrist bands and padlocks- contact us today for more information.





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